Our Model

What can be funded?

Any project with an associated energy saving can be funded through the Toward Zero Carbon Platform.

Projects are reviewed on a case by case basis.

Prior to your project being presented on the platform, we will have the technology evaluated so your project delivers the savings it’s supposed to!

A couple of things to note about sourcing funding through the TZC Platform,

You choose the technology,
You choose the supplier / Installer,
You choose the funding model,
We try our best to make the energy savings pay for your project, this isn’t always possible, but when it is – your project is at worst cash neutral.

Who can utilise the TZC model?

We have tailored models for everyone from technology manufacturers’ to installers & end users.

We offer turnkey solutions to end users from opportunity identification to project installation & claiming any available EEOS credits.

Manufacturers’ & Installers aligned with the TZC platform can offer their clients’ 100% funding on the installation of their technologies.

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