The Support scheme for renewable heat

The Support Scheme for Renewable Heat (SSRH) is a new government support mechanism to incentivise to uptake of Biomass Boilers for commercial and industrial applications for heat.

The tariff pays a tiered tariff for every kWh of renewable heat used from a new biomass installation for eligible uses. This support is given to the system owner for a total of 15 years. This is giving business the opportunity to significantly reduce their operating costs for heating.

In addition to contributing to a cleaner and greener future by helping reduce the businesses carbon footprint.

Tier Lower Limit (MWh/yr) Upper Limit (mwh/yr) Biomass Heating system (c/kWh)

The team

Our team of companies and individuals are industry leading experts in their respective fields. We have worked in a broad range of industries from Pharmaceuticals to Poultry and Dairy sectors.

Our collaboration ensures all of our projects meet the highest engineering standards, as well as continue to operate and deliver value to our clients for years to come.

This is achieved through continued support for both the engineering aspects of the project and the ongoing compliance requirements with the SEAI.

Toward Zero Carbon

TZC has over 20 years experience in the energy management business. Their suite of services offer their clients innovative, sustainable and practical solutions to the challenges faced by organisations competing in today's environment.

OMNI Heat & Power

OMNI Heat & Power are an established O&M company with a proven track record of sucessfully delivering as an EPC contractor for Anaeroic Digestion Plant, Biomass Boilers, Industrial Ground Source Heat Pumps and grid scale Battery Energy Storage projects.

Irish Dairy Services

Established in the Pig, Poultry and Dairys sectors, IDS are able to supply and install the SKOV and Dutchman indirect heat emitters for the Poultry sectors.

The technology

We offer a range of technologies that we can implement to develop the perfect solution for your application.

The technical solutions that we support are of the highest possible quality, our partners OMNI Heat & Power use the most advanced design technology available to ensure that your installation is cost effective and efficient.

All projects are supervised by Toward Zero Carbon Ltd.

OMNI Heat & Power are authorised dealers for the GILLES Biomass boiler range in the Republic of Ireland. Founded in 1992, GILLES continuously invest in the improvement and further development of their products in their own testing laboratories.

The GILLES Biomass boiler deliver very high efficiency along with the best exhaust gas and dust values in the industry, which combine to ensure that your project will be delivered successfully.

The GILLES product range extends from 12kW to 2,500kW heating output. Manufactured in Gmunden, Austria GILLES are considered to be one of the pioneers in the use of renewable energy in the form of biomass.

Within reason, almost any solid combustible material can be used within a biomass boiler. It is crucial that the intended fuel is specified when designing the proposed boiler system. This allows everything from the fuel handling equipment and the combustion chamber to be correctly specified.

The boilers application such as required flow temperatures and the number of planned operational hours is important when specifying a boiler. Some boilers are better suited to long term consistent operation than others. Understanding this ensures long term low cost operation of the boiler can be provided.

When designing a biomass boiler, the nature of the fuel requires certain infrastructure is in place to safely and easily take delivery of the fuel as well as store the fuel. Solutions are available to automate all aspects of this, however if material handling equipment is available on site such as a telehandler the design of this part of the plant can be specified accordingly.

All of our biomass systems are manufactured and assembled using components from world leading manufacturers and suppliers. These are bought together to provide an industry leading biomass heating solution for any commercial and industrial application.

All of our biomass systems are manufactured and assembled using components from world leading manufactures and suppliers. These are bought together to provide an industry leading biomass heating solution for any commercial and industrial application.

The Fuel

A range of installation options are available to ensure you always have heat when you need it most. Some of the most common biomass fuels include wood chip, wood pellets and logs.

Our fuel supply network ensures your boiler operates smoothly with a reliable source of SSRH compliant fuel.

The Process

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