Project Funding

Project Funding

The challenge to secure capital investment in energy conservation projects is always difficult, principally because of the low cost of fossil fuels. The ROI delivered by the vast majority of projects falls far short of most organisations investment criteria. Where possible, we structure project funding agreements in a  “cash neutral” manner maximising the benefits achieved by our Clients.

Benefits Of Project Funding

  • Cash Neutral Implementation

    Structuring finance arrangements to achieve cash positive implementation delivers maximum benefit to our clients from the outset.

  • Flexibility

    Project funding through TZC allows you to develop your business sustainable without impacting your cash flow.

  • Sustainability

    Deploy cutting edge, sustainable technologies throughout your organisation.

  • Improved efficiencies

    The implementation of new technology delivers significant operational efficiency benefits.

Benefits of a TZC Funded solution

Any project with an associated energy saving can be funded through the Toward Zero Carbon Platform.

Projects are reviewed on a case by case basis.

Prior to your project being presented on the platform, we will have the technology evaluated so your project delivers the savings it’s supposed to!

A couple of things to note about sourcing funding through the TZC Platform,

  • You choose the technology,
  • You choose the supplier / Installer,
  • You choose the funding model,

We try our best to make the energy savings pay for your project, this isn’t always possible, but when it is – your project is at worst cash neutral.

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Flexible funding mechanisms

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We understand your project

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Zero Capital outlay

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Support your carbon reduction program

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Minimal Paperwork

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Innovative funding solutions

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Full Life support

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Asset Performance reporting

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