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What Can we offer?

If you have been thinking about implementing a project that has an energy saving associated with it we can provide 100% of the capital outlay, manage the installation of your project, offer a service contract to maintain your new equipment and claim any EEOS credits associated with it.

We try and keep your annual repayments to less than the savings achieved through the implimentation of your project, meaning the project ends up at worst cash neutral.

If you would like us to help identify potential energy saving opportunities on your site, we can facilitate an energy audit to highlight areas that we can improve on.

How much does it cost to fund a project through the TZC Platform?

TZC fees are added to the cost of the project and will be included in the repayments throughout the life of the contract.

This means your projects are implemented with absolutely no capital outlay, letting the savings achieved take care of the repayments.

Costs are determined on a project by project basis but we will agree any costs to be charged to the project prior to it being presented to the TZC Platform.

How to get your projects funded through the TZC Platform?

Just fill out the below contact form and we’ll get in touch with the application forms.