What Can we offer?

By aligning with the Toward Zero Carbon funding platform you can offer your products with 100% funding behind it!

Why offer TZC to your clients?

Aligning with the TZC platform allows you to offer 100% funding to your clients! We will never propose an alternative technology to any client you bring to the TZC platform. In the unlikely event two competing manufacturers apply for funding in relation to the same client, TZC will operate on a “first come, first served” basis and the second application will not be accepted to the platform.

How much does being able to offer TZC funding to your clients cost?

Offering funding as part of your service through the TZC Platform comes at no additional cost to you. TZC’s fees are added to the cost of the project. This means we have to meet with your client to detail the funding solutions we can offer. We have a number of funding solutions available, a selection must be made by the client prior to the project being presented on the TZC Platform.

How to get your products approved by the TZC Platform?

Just get in touch and we can discuss how TZC can add value to your clients.