Carbon Reduction Strategies

Achieving Carbon Reductions

Establishing greenhouse gas (GHG)-reduction strategies and identifying opportunities to reduce your organisations carbon footprint have become key objectives for many companies. But as emissions continue to rise, reaching the highest level in 3 million years, it’s clear that reducing emissions needs to become common place in every organisation.

TZC can help you to develop effective carbon reduction strategies that have a measurable impact on your Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. Rather than developing a strategy based on expected emissions reductions, we go beyond conventional ambitions to drive absolute reductions.

Through working with our clients, our team have developed skills across a broad range of sectors, ensuring our team are capable of identifying opportunities to reduce emissions throughout your process.

Developing Your Strategies

Our Carbon and GHG Reduction strategies include:

  • Target-setting – we can help you to calculate your baseline emission profile. Through understanding where we are today, we can plan for tomorrow.
    We will then begin the process of developing realistic goals in line with proven frameworks such as CDP and Science Based Targets. We can also submit your targets to these frameworks on your behalf,
  • Emission Hotspots – using your baseline, we can identify hotspots in your operations and supply chain. Through understanding what is driving emissions, we can start developing a register of opportunities focused on these areas,
  • Improving efficiency – we provide strategic advice around energy, waste and water, and offer our clients the knowledge, experience and tools to effectively manage and reduce your resource consumption,
  • Procurement reviews – we can analyse the goods, services or utilities you use and evaluate the impact these goods have on your carbon footprint,
  • Offsetting – we work with our partners to help you neutralise your impact and invest in projects that offset your emissions,
  • Strategic initiatives – we can work with you to explore, design and implement business-wide initiatives that help you deliver your targets, including management systems such as ISO 50001 and ISO 14001,
  • Legislative compliance – we prepare you for current and future compliance scenarios.

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