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Why Install an Energy Management System?

  • Improved cost competitiveness
  • Ensures compliance with local and European legislation
  • LEU obliged to opt for an auditing programme or ISO 50001
  • Facilitates the optimisation of support from obligated parties
  • Some local authorities and other public bodies are obliged to implement ISO 50001 under NEEAP2


Why now?

Cost reduction measures have never been so important to Irish Business, with the outcome of Brexit still unclear it is vital for all Irish enterprises to maximise any competitive advantage. Our energy management system delivers considerable, sustainable savings.

There are a number of support mechanisms available to companies interested in an energy management system. Both Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland provide comprehensive grant packages to qualifying clients who engage approved consultants to install a system.

Enterprise Ireland – GreenPlus Program (Large Companies)  (ISO 50001 Compliant)

Enterprise Ireland – GreenStart Program (SME’s)

IDA Ireland – GreenStart/Plus Programs

Correctly constructed, ISO 50001 is an ideal tool to present verified savings to the Obligated Parties and claim any available EEOS credits available for the energy conservation measures you install.

The obligated parties (Some) will contribute the cost of approved consultants who are engaged to maintain the system. The higher the target savings, the greater the support.

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Why TZC?

We have a unique energy management model which introduces best practice in energy management principles and embeds best environmental best practice in your organisation – ensuring long lasting, sustainable cost reductions.
TZC are strategic partner to ENPROVA – You can read more about obligated parties here.
We have delivered certification with six weeks (DIAGEO)
Our model will deliver savings and maintain your competitiveness.

With a TZC EnMS, you can expect:

  • Full life support,
  • Real, measurable savings,
  • Systems Analysis & Design,
  • Aggressive Conservation Regime,
  • Minimal paperwork,
  • Compatibility with existing management practice,
  • On Certification, our clients will not only have an ISO 50001 compliant energy management system, they will have the in house expertise in managing energy,
  • System Maintenance.