Energy Targeting

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Why is monitoring and targeting so Important?

Good information facilitates good decision making, energy costs are universally escalating thus demanding more management attention.

Energy management systems (ISO 50001) demand an effective energy metering plan.
The payback is usually rapid.


Why now?

The shift from capital grants to PAYS (pay as you save) support mechanisms will place more emphasis on performance measurement.

The International Protocol of measurement and verification (IPMVP) demands accurate measurement of consumption.

Costs of installations are lower giving even better payback.

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Why TZC?

We have over twenty years’ experience in the development of information systems.
We service the most demanding clientele and meet their needs daily.
We configure your system to meet your needs, suit your management style and structure.
We maximise the use of existing infrastructure such as BMS, SCADA and metering systems thereby eliminating duplication and minimising costs.

What we offer:

Software as a Service (SAS). You outsource your monitoring system from TZC using the eSight platform.
We work with your team to design, install and configure your system; we will specify your metering plan based on our unique logic diagram technique.

An energy monitoring system from TZC includes:

  • Full life support
  • Systems analysis & design
  • Meter specification & infrastructure
  • System commissioning
  • Data verification
  • Report generation
  • Strict Data Protection Policies

We take extreme care in protecting the information that has been entrusted to us, and the Data that we gather.

We use a wide range of data security techniques, including secure servers, firewalls, etc. to ensure that your data remains confidential at all times.