What is EXEED

The SEAI EXEED grant scheme provides an opportunity for organisations to implement their energy saving opportunity with significant grant support and will demonstrate their commitment to reducing their environmental impact. 

SEAI are supporting a range of project types through the EXEED grant scheme that relates to the EXEED Certified Program. The EXEED Grant Scheme provides grant support of up to €500,000 per year. The grant level may be extended by 20% for small enterprises and 10% for medium enterprises. 

The EXEED program supports you in the implementation of efficient technologies across your organisation.

Benefits Of EXEED

  • Significant Grant Aid

    50% of professional fees, 30% of relevant capital costs, Maximum support levels of up to €500,000 per year.

  • Lower Financial Risk

    Capital requirements for achieving your efficiency goals are significantly reduced.

  • Commitment to Sustainability

    Demonstrable commitment to long term planning and energy efficiency, completion includes EXEED Certification.

  • Improved efficiencies

    The implementation of an EXEED program delivers significant increases in operational efficiency.

EXEED Expert - Design of Energy Performance
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Benefits of TZC as your EXEED Expert

Engaging TZC as your EXEED expert ensures that you will achieve your efficiency objectives. 

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