Feasibility Studies

What is a Technical Feasibility Study?

The aim of the Technical Feasibility Study grant is to support better planning of R&D, Innovation or International Collaboration projects through analysis of the commercial feasibility of the project – resources required, risks and potential return on investment.

TZC will identify a register of potential opportunities on your site from which we will work together to develop the most attractive projects.


Why TZC?

TZC has experience in identifying and implementing Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s) across a broad variety of commercial and industrial sectors.

Every ECM begins as an opportunity and is run through our feasibility study process. Our process ensures the project achieves the desired results both technically and financially.


Why carryout a Feasibility Study?

Prior to implementing any ECM a feasibility study should be carried out in order to ascertain the true benefit of implementing the identified opportunity.

Enterprise Ireland offer grant support for the completion of eligible feasibility studies, details of their grant package can be found here.

The benefits of carrying out a feasibility study include:

  • Ensuring project expectations are achieved,
  • Ensuring the proposed solution is the most appropriate,
  • Ensuring the selected technology is the most effective,
  • Commercial/Economic reviews,
  • A fully developed project implementation plan,
  • Complete control over the project.