Toward Zero Carbon

Priority Metrix

Enabling your climate objectives

GAin unparrallled insight to

your business

Simplify Data Acquisition

Priority Metrix simplifies data acquisition across your business, combining a range of sources including metering, BMS, SCADA, manual imput and excel records

Create, schedule and automate reporting

Achieving your objectives requires regular monitoring. Priority Metrix automates reporting, getting the right data to the right people all at the right time.

Keep on top of your consumption

Set alarms based on the activities of your organisation, with the ability to varying alarms for varying levels of activity.

data analysis

Take a deep dive into your data, analysing your performance with fully customisable period and data granularity.

Tailor made reporting

Priority Metrix is packed full of features, but if there's something you need our team of developers will work with you in creating your perfect system.

Measurement and verification

Measure and verify your progress towards your climate objectives, ensuring your project achieve what they set out to!

Creating a carbon neutral future


“Understanding what drives your emissions is the first step in achieving meaningful reductions. Priority Metrix makes understanding, monitoring and reporting on your emissions simple”