Priority Metrix

Empowering your organisation

Priority Metrix is your energy management software technology partner, supporting you in identifying, verifying and delivering significant savings throughout your organisation. Our system empowers you to effectively capture the operational performance of your organisation and report aspects of your performance to the relevant personnel.

TZC’s Priority Metrix receives data from throughout your organisation, generating information for use atall levels of your organisation; from strategic management decisions to day to day operational decisions, Priority Metrix displays information relevant to the user and their function.

Our customisable energy management software can be adjusted to suit your objectives, be it reducing energy consumption, monitoring operational efficiency or reporting on your emissions, Priority Metrix captures and reports the information important to your objectives.

Why Install Energy Management Software?

As organisations are becoming more aware of their responsibility for the protection of the local environment and the value of acting sustainably increasing due to consumers becoming more climate aware, energy management software can play a pivotal role in committing to challenging sustainability targets. For many businesses, energy use is an area that has significant opportunities for improvement in terms of both efficiency and operational costs.

Managing your energy consumption can be a time consuming activity, compiling data sets from bills, meter readings and manual input files, making it almost impossible to identify single appliances or areas responsible for excess consumption.

Installing Priority Metrix to monitor energy and environmental aspects of your site enables you to actively monitor significant energy users, critical operation metrics (such as tank levels, concentration levels etc.), monitor production providing you with reliable information to analyse consumption and production patterns. These features streamline compliance with international standards such as ISO 50001 and ISO 14001

Financial support may be available for the installation of Energy Management software. Information on available grant aid can be found here.

Our innovative suite of energy management solutions have been proven to help customers manage and reduce energy use across a broad range of sectors including natural resources, built environment, food and beverage, agriculture, construction, quarrying and manufacturing sectors. Priority Metrix is our software solution that gives our clients the insight necessary to make informed business decisions and achieve their sustainability objectives.

Why Priority Metrix?

Getting to grips with the operational performance of your organisation can be a time-consuming activity, with Priority Metrix Energy Management Software:

  • Reduce time-consuming data collection, report generation, and distribution,
  • Respond quickly to waste,
  • Reduce costs,
  • TZC is a one-stop shop for hardware, software and support, ensuring your system operates effectively meaning you can focus on things important to your business,
  • If you do have a problem, you have a dedicated support agent,
  • A one-stop-shop to measure, predict, analyse data and generate reports,
  • Universal hardware compatibility.
GAin unparrallled insight to

your business

Simplify Data Acquisition

Priority Metrix simplifies data acquisition across your business, combining a range of sources including metering, BMS, SCADA, manual imput and excel records

Create, schedule and automate reporting

Achieving your objectives requires regular monitoring. Priority Metrix automates reporting, getting the right data to the right people all at the right time.

Keep on top of your consumption

Set alarms based on the activities of your organisation, with the ability to varying alarms for varying levels of activity.

data analysis

Take a deep dive into your data, analysing your performance with fully customisable period and data granularity.

Tailor made reporting

Priority Metrix is packed full of features, but if there's something you need our team of developers will work with you in creating your perfect system.

Measurement and verification

Measure and verify your progress towards your climate objectives, ensuring your project achieve what they set out to!

Universal data integration

Priority Metrix is a software solution that aggregates all of your organisations performance information, supporting multiple brands of meters, utility data, water, gas, electricity, production, occupancy and other KPIs. Priority Metrix also support the manual input of data and CSV upload – ensuring your data is captured and reported throughout the organisation.

Data Visualisation and access

View consumption profiles online in multiple chart types, download consumption to CSV, view live meter data, with data intervals appropriate to your application.

CO2 Compliance

Calculate, measure and report on CO2 and other Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions.

Multi-level user access

Create effective dashboards based on the users role within the organisation, be it a top level efficiency report or the performance of a specific line, Priority Metrix visualises the right data to the right people.

Automatic Reporting

Priority Metrix generates and distributes performance reports automatically, empowering management & operation teams with the information they need to effectively manage your organisation. Leverage automatic reporting for compliance with ISO 14001/ISO 50001.

Target Setting

Set targets for business units or specific data points based on the operational hours of your organisation.