Sandyford Meats – GreenStart Programme

Identified Opportunities

  • Thermal Reduction of 40%
  • Generate 47% Of Electricity Renewably
  • Align Organisation with Industry Reporting Standards

The Sandyford Meats GreenStart Project is supported by Enterprise Ireland.

The primary objectives of the GreenStart assignment were to identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption and emissions
associated with the onsite operations. TZC conducted an analysis of the process and identified opportunities to recover heat from the
refrigeration system on site. The implementation of this project has the potential to reduce natural gas consumption by approx. 40%.

In order to reduce electrical costs on site, TZC identified an opportunity to install a roof mounted solar installation, generating approx. 47% of the electrical requirement of the site. In order to communicate the environmental improvement of the site, Sandyford Meats opted to apply for membership to Origin Green. TZC supported this objective through developing baseline consumption reports and supporting the organisation in identifying and quantifying performance targets.

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