Introduction to Toward Zero Carbon

Toward Zero Carbon Ltd. is an interdisciplinary organisation which draws on a unique combination of skill sets to address the technical, financial and social aspects of delivering an effective carbon reduction programme.

Toward Zero Carbon Ltd. works closely with government agencies including Enterprise Ireland, IDA and SEAI, and is approved to deliver many of their support packages that are specially devised to assist organisations deliver real and sustainable savings. Our primary objective is to secure the maximum direct financial support for our clients, so we structure our client’s strategies to reflect that.

Know About Toward Zero Carbon

We recognise the need, nationally, to reduce our dependence on imported fossil fuels and therefore we have committed significant time and resources to the development of the biomass supply chain. We are now developing the capacity to offer a quality controlled reliable supply of woodchip which may prompt industry leaders to examine their “renewable fraction.”

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s) which are currently generated voluntarily, however, they are set to become the “Currency” of climate change.  Toward Zero Carbon Ltd. is presently working to install systems that will generate EPD’s for their product range, we are alone in offering this service in Ireland as part of a carbon reduction programme.

The challenge to secure capital investment in energy conservation projects is always difficult, principally because of the low cost of fossil fuels. The ROI delivered by the vast majority of projects falls far short of most organisations investment criteria. We have access to EIB supported funding which allows us to structure funding packages which are “cash neutral” for our Clients.

Monitor Your Energy Consumption with Towards Zero Carbon

The modern business landscape is currently in flux, the fourth industrial revolution is defined by technological advancement. Industry 4.0 represents great potential for the Irish economy; however, history teaches that change brings challenges. Organisations which ignore this progression may fail to compete in tomorrow’s environment. Toward Zero Carbon Ltd. is already preparing several multinational clients for Industry 4.0 – pre-empting challenges to ensure success in a new industrial age.

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