What is Energy Monitoring

TZC, through our remote energy monitoring and reporting service, BureauScope, can remotely monitor energy consumption on your site and generate consumption reports.

The first step to reducing your energy consumption is being able to quantify the energy flows throughout your site. Remote energy monitoring gives you the necessary information to effectively manage your energy.

Significant reductions in energy consumption are easily achieved and maintained through regularly monitoring consumption data as part of a reduction program.

Benefits Of Energy Monitoring

  • Significant Energy Reductions

    Monitoring your energy consumption is the first step in reducing your energy consumption. "What is measured can be managed"

  • Improved efficiencies

    Regular consumption review meetings drive awareness and ultimately efficiencies.

  • Increased Awareness

    Increased energy awareness across all members of your organisation.

Benefits of a TZC system

Our energy monitoring and targeting program empowers you to actively manage your energy consumption throughout your operation. Our easy to use system ensures you receive accurate, timely consumption information.

Our excel plugin combines the advanced data analytics features of Microsoft Excel and your site specific consumption data. 

User friendly interface

tailored excel plugin reporting

timely energy management information

report and system training

custom dashboards

programmable consumption alarms

automated compliance reporting (EU ETS, ISO 50001)

Report generation service

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