Energy Monitoring

What is Energy Monitoring & Report Generation?

TZC, through our remote energy monitoring and reporting service, can remotely monitor energy consumption on your site and generate consumption reports.

Significant reductions in energy consumption is easily achieved and maintained through regularly monitoring consumption data.

Why adopt Energy Monitoring & Report Generation?

Our report generation service can greatly assist in a significant reduction in consumption.

Reports generated using most recent consumption figures deliver relevant information for decision makers in any company. Through regularly receiving relevant, timely information in a user friendly report format you can easily identify the most inefficient areas in your process.

Every report is tailored and designed around your site and your processes, ensuring relevant, accurate information.

Why TZC?

With a TZC energy monitoring & reporting system, we don’t just hand you a consumption report.

We will train you on interpreting the report and carrying out investigations, but if you want some help, we’ll be there to help you investigate areas of inefficiency and identify the most appropriate solution.

  • You receive up to date consumption figures.
  • We have invested heavily in a user friendly interface.
  • You have, at your fingertips, our monitoring and reporting solution tailored to your needs.